Offer for travel agency


Menu No.0 ,,Eat and drink as much as you can“ 90 minutes 350,- for travel agencies

  • The guests have unlimited consummation for a flat rate per person max. 90 minutes (beer, meat and bread).
  • In this rate is included beer Pilsner Urquell, which you tap by yourselves, roasted meats according to daily offer and bread.
  • The meat os served gradually and the sort of meats is not possible to change.
  • In this price is included just beer Pilsner Urquell, choice of roasted meats and bread. In this price is NOT included non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, wines, coffee, side dishes.
  • for travel agencies  only

Menu No.1 „Chicken steak“

  • Vegetable soup, roll 1 pc
  • 100g Chicken breast steak, parsley rice
  • Homemade buns

Menu No.2 „Roasted pork knee“

  • Beef bouillon with homemade noodles and vegetables, roll 1 pc
  • 1 pc Roasted pork knee according to the recipe of Pilsen brewers, mashed potatoes with bacon, Chod cabbage
  • Homemade buns

Menu No.3 „Our classic“

  • Chicken noodle soup, roll 1 pc
  • Choice of completed dish (direct at the table)
    • 150g Brewery goulash, assorted dumplings
    • 120g Roasted beef sirloin in cream sauce, cranberries, bread dumplings
    • 150g Czech classic (pork, smoked meat), sauerkraut, bread and potato dumplings
    • 150g Chicken steak with herbs butter, rice
    • Vegetable plate with dill-yoghurt dressing, eggs and cheese, rolls 2 ps
  • Grandmother's buns

Menu No.4 „Chicken“

  • Garlic soup, roll 1 pc
  • 1/2 Roasted chicken, French fries
  • Icecream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Menu No.5 „Salmon“

  • Potato soup, roll 1pc
  • 200g Grilled salmon fillet with lemonsauce, mashed potatoes
  • Muffin

Menu No.6 „Duck“

  • Vegetable salad with cream dressing, roll 1 pc
  • 1 pc Roasted duck leg, red cabbage, potazo dumplings
  • Chodsko cake

Offer vegetarian, gluten-free diet and other meals as desired.


(for groups of minimum 30 persons)

  • Cold plates: 200 g/pp
    • finely sliced smoked ham with Znojmo gherkin, horseradish cream
    • wild boar meat pate with smoked bacon, cranberries
    • selection of traditional Czech specialities (pickled sausages, headcheese, sausages)
    • fried breaded pork tenderloin steak with garlic
    • selection of Bohemian and Moravian cheeses, grapes and walnuts
    • lettuce, watercress and rocket salad
    • roasted vegetable salad with feta cheese and black olives, marinated red onion
    • sliced seasonal vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers)
    • selection of dressings, extra virgin olive oil and flavoured vinegars
  • Desserts 2 pc/pp
    • wedding cakes (selection of four different types), apple pie
  • Warm buffet 200g/pp
    • beef goulash cooked in black beer and chilli, grated horseradish
    • chicken steak with herbs
    • various dumplings
    • chateau potatoes

    Selection of white or wholemeal bread, homemade brown bread.

Buffet can be customized to your wishes.


We can arrange various musical evenings

  • Music of your choice – brass music, folklore and modern, Prices from 2000,- CZK/77€
  • Possibility of breakfast under the agreement (order min. week in advance)
  • U Prazdroje 7, 304 97 Plzeň, tel: +420 377 062 755,

The prices of drinks may vary during the year.
You will receive information concerning new prices in the form of an up-dated beverage menu as changes occur throughout the year.

Conformably to the Czech Republic anti-alcoholism and anti-drug abuse law No. 37/1989 the sale of alcohol to the adolescents under 18 is prohibited.


The prices of drinks may vary during the years.

Conformably to the Czech Republic anti-alcoholism and anti-drug abuse law No. 37/1989 Sb. the sale of alcohol to the adolescents under 18 years is prohibited.

Services and information


  • cash in CZK, Euro or with credit cards (American Express, VISA, Eurocard, Mastercard)


  • with respect to all the offers mentioned, we require a written order 2 working days prior to your arrival at the latest

State the following data in a written order:

  • name and registered office of your company in accordance with the Business Register, contacts, identification number, fax identification number, name and registered office of your bank and account number

Conditions of cancellation:

  • within one calendar day                     75% of the price
  • in the day of an ordered event       100%  of the price


  • parking in the brewery's car park is free of charge for clients


Restaurace Na Spilce

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